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Turning your commute into The Outdoor Drive. We kick the podcast waves into overdrive as we scratch the surface on all things outdoors.

With no limits on content, Trev, Stephen, and "Ghost Hunter" share their experiences as they work everything from sea to shore, salt to fresh, feathers to fur, and all with that camp family feel every outdoorsman aches for....

Joined by a gathering of support from Industry experts to the everyday outdoorsman/woman, well be bringing you a new perspective to the modern evolution of the woods and water.

Feb 28, 2020

Jon Haney 

We take you on a Drive behind the helm of a local Long Island sound fishing vessel with Capt. Jon Haney who is a licensed Master Caption. We really go deep into the world of the local fishery and the SouthBound Charters. Jon is a very well rounded fisherman from Ground fishing to Striped bass To giant...

Feb 24, 2020


Join us on The Outdoor Drive as we take you a very familiar place that we all can not wait to be! You ask where that is? The turkey woods with Matt the Turkey Man. Mr Matt Wettish a man very familiar with killing big ole long beards, he is a very talented and experienced turkey caller. This is an episode...

Feb 21, 2020

Get your life vests ready we are coming at you with waves of all kinds as we take you on the outdoor drive to a place that the sun meets the ocean! Some true big fish hunters of the industry. Capt Ralph Wilkins of the Odysea and Capt Mike Vitagliano of Skurge of the sea! 

We go into the deep of both of these very well...

Feb 19, 2020

We have "Sethica" the dynamic duo join us at the 2020 outdoor and fishing show in Mohegan sun. They take us behind the scene not only Capt Seths Sportfishing but also Arthur Murray dance studio! Get your ear buds ready as we take you for a Drive through both the business and the outdoor memories of these two! 


Feb 17, 2020



We take the Drive with our brother in arms the Modern Assassin and take us through the Harrisburg show in his eyes of being the Number 1 salesman in Harrisburg. We start driving over curbs and cutting people off when we allow Modern Assassin be our tour guide strap on your full body...