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Turning your commute into The Outdoor Drive. We kick the podcast waves into overdrive as we scratch the surface on all things outdoors.

With no limits on content, Trev, Stephen, and "Ghost Hunter" share their experiences as they work everything from sea to shore, salt to fresh, feathers to fur, and all with that camp family feel every outdoorsman aches for....

Joined by a gathering of support from Industry experts to the everyday outdoorsman/woman, well be bringing you a new perspective to the modern evolution of the woods and water.

Oct 27, 2022

The boys from Beyond the Boundaries Ian Dawson and Tanner join us and talk about there 2022 moose season. Tanner draws a tag and they targeted some giant moose. Put the ear buds in kick back and enjoy the ride. 


The Land of Ghost 

Drawing Moose Tags 

Traditional way of Hunting 

Moose Calling 

Packing out 

Oct 20, 2022

The boys Trev and Madman Martic sit down in studio and recap the season. They dive into Trevs trip to eastern shore for Sika and how physically and mentally draining it is. Also go in to this weeks doe patrol hunt together and Trevs great misses. 

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Oct 13, 2022

Tyler joins us this week to really dive into the nitty gritty of daggers. We start from beginning setting eyes on his to the second he arrowed him. Weaving and bobbing down some rabbit holes also hitting some points home. Come take the ride with us and see all the swear equity that was put into this buck. 


Oct 6, 2022

This week we are joined my Jake and Maurice and they take us 9000' up into the mountains of Colorado to chase Elk. These boys are super passionate about elk hunting and have been vert successful in the years that they have gone specially with there being a success rate of 9% in Colorado with gun and bow.

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