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Turning your commute into The Outdoor Drive. We kick the podcast waves into overdrive as we scratch the surface on all things outdoors.

With no limits on content, Trev, Stephen, and "Ghost Hunter" share their experiences as they work everything from sea to shore, salt to fresh, feathers to fur, and all with that camp family feel every outdoorsman aches for....

Joined by a gathering of support from Industry experts to the everyday outdoorsman/woman, well be bringing you a new perspective to the modern evolution of the woods and water.

Nov 24, 2022

Tracy Breen joins us this week on The Drive! Tracy really brings a lot to this weeks episode having spent his entire life on the grind of the outdoor industry as a writer later going into the marketing side. It wasn't always easy for him as you will learn in the podcast about his sickness that made it that much tougher....

Nov 17, 2022

Sarah Martic joins us on episode 168 to tell her story of becoming a licensed hunter and taking her very first buck with a 243 on her family farm. This really puts heritage and the meaning to a new hunter. Come with us through the ride of Sarahs first buck. 

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Nov 10, 2022

Lane Housner from In The Presence joins us this week to take us through his amazing story of his public land buck. Lane is the owner of the YouTube show In the presence it is a very well round group of guys that are true 10%ers! Come take the ride with us on this episode. 

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Nov 3, 2022

This week gets a little crazy to start Mad Man Martic takes over the studio to start as he hosts the show and interviews Trev. The take you right into play by play of Trevs last week in Ohio. Hold on to your seat this is going to be a wild ride. 


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