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Turning your commute into The Outdoor Drive. We kick the podcast waves into overdrive as we scratch the surface on all things outdoors.

With no limits on content, Trev, Stephen, and "Ghost Hunter" share their experiences as they work everything from sea to shore, salt to fresh, feathers to fur, and all with that camp family feel every outdoorsman aches for....

Joined by a gathering of support from Industry experts to the everyday outdoorsman/woman, well be bringing you a new perspective to the modern evolution of the woods and water.

Feb 4, 2021

Stephanie takes us behind the scenes of her Velvet season, starting with a unique Axis deer hunt in Hawaii, the long trip back to Canada, and the rough pranks that take place at hunt camp… We only scratch the surface of everything This incredible woman has accomplished in the outdoors, but there will be a Pt. 2 in the future.

From Trophy Sheds to Taking Monsters, she is the real deal. This Owl can Hunt! Check out this international trip and don’t forget to waive at the Mounties as you pass.

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